Joe Latt - UI/UX Designer


Joe helps companies build great interactive experiences by creating engaging interfaces for users wherever they live in the digital world. He is passionate about design and committed to the cause of creating better products for your consumers and for your business...all for the right budget.

The commitment and motivation is to find the right solution that is dynamic, elegant, and usable to the people you care the most about: your customer.

10+ years of screendesign experience for interactive media

Joe Latt has been working since 2000 in the USA, France and Germany for interactive service companies, developing applications for the Internet, Mobile, Tablets, Smart TV, and Touchscreens.

Solid understanding of designing intuitive user interfaces

Working in the past close together with companies like Icon Media Lab or SirValUse and with skills ranging from interaction design, user experience, and site functionality, Joe understands user behavior as it relates to an intuitive design.

Distinction between creative expression and business objectives

He takes on the responsibility for understanding a client’s business and communication goals, and translating them into unique creative solutions.

Good communicator for design presentations and agile team setups

Joe is self-motivated, a good communicator, comfortable with design presentations, and is able to produce results independently as well as collaboratively in an agile team environment.